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Each year in Maryland, at least 50,000 people experience homelessness. More than ten times that many live with the fear of being one step away from becoming homeless. For someone in this position, a permanent sense of safety and stability feels constantly out of reach. The daily challenges they endure are difficult, daunting, and draining. A person may find temporary relief from a night in a shelter or a meal from a food bank; but lasting change is within reach when they have an advocate to break through individual and systemic barriers to stable housing and reliable income. A lawyer can make all the difference.

Please consider a gift today to HPRP’s Within Our Reach Campaign to End Homelessness. We are challenging our partners in the legal and other business communities to raise $200,000 to fund life-changing legal representation and advocacy for those who cannot afford it. Learn more about HPRP's impact in 2021.

MANY THANKS to our Community Supporters who have contributed so far!

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